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City of Mason, Texas Mason, Texas - Gem of the Hill Country Lone Star Cut Topaz - Official Gemstone of Texas!

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      IT'S THE LAW: Call 1-800-245-4545 or 811 before you dig. You may also go online at and click "For Excavators" for additional information.


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 City Corner

CITY CORNER by Mayor Brent Hinckley


     At this time there are quite a number of issues that the City Commission and Staff are working on.  The Budget is available for public inspection at the City offices and will be adopted in September.  The engineering design for the water treatment facility is in the works and we are working with several consultants on that.  The financing for that major project is of concern and we are seeking good ways to secure the funds that will not create a problem for our many residents on fixed incomes.  Our City crews are working on rebuilding Balsam Street and will likely need to work on another street in the next few months, along with taking care of the ever-present potholes.  Our park department is still trying to keep up with mowing all of the grass and weeds that are still growing, even in the last days of August.  And on top of these major jobs, there is all of the regular chores that are needed to keep the electricity, water, sewer, garbage, recycle, animal control and office departments functioning well. 

     If you are out on the east edge of town in the next week you might also see another of our significant project activities.  We have been discussing and working on the many steps to get a permit for a new landfill, and next week we will be drilling 13 “test holes” in the identified area to verify the underlying rock and soils.  As most residents know, we will be out of space for more garbage in our present landfill sometime in the next couple of years.  We have been planning for this for several years, and most of the paperwork for a new permit is completed.  Next week will be the last major step in the process, and we look forward to seeing the results as it will give us a much better idea of the final landfill that we might have.  For those who have not followed the previous decisions, we started looking at the various options a few years ago when we realized the limitations of our landfill.  One solution that some of our neighboring communities have taken would be to contract with an outside trash hauler to collect the garbage in town and take it to one of the very large landfills, probably in San Angelo.  The cost of transporting garbage that far, and the difficulty of working with a large corporation that really might not care about our community, led to the City Council to decide it was important that we work to look toward permitting a new landfill to serve Mason and the surrounding area.  With that in mind, we took the steps to upgrade the equipment and operations with a new garbage truck and trash cans as well as other large equipment purchases.

     We then decided that we already owned a good bit of land at the Industrial Park, adjacent to the current landfill and the waste water treatment plant, and it made sense to utilize that location.  We set aside about 50 acres of the land behind the first row of lots along the highway, and after planning and engineering work, we believe that location will serve the needs of the Mason community for many generations, probably for at least 120 years!   The entire time that this new landfill operates it will be under the permitting and regulations that we are submitting now, so we are working to very carefully set it up and make sure that we understand all of the rules and consequences so that we wisely provide for the future.  When it finally is complete and open, you will see some different ways that we will handle and deal with the daily garbage as well as construction debris, metal and other recycling and the general day to day operations.  With next week’s work, the drilling and eventual casing of some of the drill holes will be of importance now, but also for the life of the new landfill, so we are being sure that everything is done right.  Some of the drill holes are planned for shallow boring to establish the underlying rock formations and depth, and some of them are much deeper, going as far as 90 feet to determine rock formations and possibility of subsurface water.  Some of them will be concreted in and fully cased so that we can use them for monitoring for years to come. 

      So if you see some interesting activity next week out on the east edge of town, we will have a drill rig, an engineer and professional geologist, drill operator and well logger, and a crew to do the drilling, plus a few of the City crew to help clear the brush and with any other issues.  Since they have to pull the drill and take samples every five feet, and they are drilling a total of over 700 feet of monitoring holes, it will take them some time.  If you are curious and have any other questions let me know and I will try to have the answer or get someone who does.  The entire soil boring plan is at least thirty pages and took over three months for TCEQ to approve, and this is just one step in the whole process of getting a new permit.

      One thing I have found in the past years of being Mayor is that there are many steps to dealing with each of the departments and services the City works in.  Whether it is permitting a new landfill, operating the old one or any of the other departments we have, it takes time and much effort to know the regulations and operate it properly.  All of our City crews, whether landfill and garbage, or electrical, or water and waste water, or animal control, or office staff have extensive training to do the job they do.  They each have to deal with problems every day in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations covering their area of operations.  I have a tremendous respect and appreciation for all of the people that work for the City.  I also sincerely thank all of the people who are currently serving on the City Council and those many who have served in the past.  It takes a good deal of looking at the details, and an understanding of the overall long term improvements of our community, and a huge amount of concern and commitment to make the decisions that we have before us every month.  And it takes just as much energy and effort for the City crews to handle the daily challenges that they face.  I hope that if you have questions you will let us know and we can find real answers, and if you see someone who works in any way for the City and the many tasks we have, I hope you will take a minute and give them a word of thanks.  Mason is a great community and we are working to continue improving it, but it takes all of us working together to make it the kind of hometown we can all be proud of.     

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