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City of Mason, Texas Mason, Texas - Gem of the Hill Country Lone Star Cut Topaz - Official Gemstone of Texas!
 City Ordinances
 TitleModified DateSize
Animal Control Ordinance9/4/2009166.41 KB
Backflow preventer test3/4/2011104.78 KB
Building permit application3/4/201176.27 KB
City of Mason Plumbing Ordiance 05-288 Updated3/30/20173.64 MB
Electric Ordinance 05-589 Updated 08/15/168/22/20162.56 MB
Grease Trap Ordinance2/9/20103.12 MB
Junked Vehicle Ordinance 08-3055/7/20132.59 MB
Nuisance Ordinance 09-3116/16/2015351.43 KB
Out Door Burning Ordinance 13-3236/15/2015134.33 KB
Pedlers Ordinance3/15/201140.50 KB
Plat Zoning Application3/4/201176.44 KB
Rate and Fee Schedule5/16/2017362.13 KB
Revised Ord 10-3123/15/2011927.92 KB
Sea Containers Prohibited in Certain Zoning Districts"5/16/201774.23 KB
SubDivision Ordinance7/15/2009562.13 KB
Subdivison ordiance update adopted 3/15/106/30/2010677.69 KB
Utility Service & Billing 05-29310/24/20122.52 MB
Zoning Ordinance Updates10/14/2009263.27 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 1 - Scope3/22/201170.03 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 2- 2.7 Planned Area Development Dist.4/12/20171.88 MB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 2 - Use Chart and District Regulations3/22/2011159.18 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 3 - Administration3/22/2011134.01 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 4 - Enforcement3/22/201162.39 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 5 - Site Development Regulations3/22/2011109.94 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 6 - Special Use Regulations3/22/2011101.87 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 6.5 Outdoor Lighting4/12/201721.08 KB
Zoning Ordinances - Section 7 - Definitions3/22/2011121.06 KB
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