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City of Mason, Texas Mason, Texas - Gem of the Hill Country Lone Star Cut Topaz - Official Gemstone of Texas!

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1015 San Antonio Hwy (Hwy 87 N)

Mason, TX 76856


City Hall

CITY COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING Monday April 17, 2016 @ 5:30

Richard P. Eckert Civic Center




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The City of Mason is an Equal Opportunity Employer; 

Supporter of Equal Housing Opportunity; Citizen Participation; the Fair Housing Policy; and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Planning and Zoning Commission

Public Hearing/Special Meeting

April 6, 2017, Thursday,  5:30 p.m.

Richard P. Eckert Civic Center 1024 McKinley Ave.

 City Corner

CITY CORNER by Mayor Brent Hinckley


      Spring is officially just around the corner, and it seems that we have been experiencing spring for most of the past couple of months, but with the time change it seems to be more firmly in place.  The bluebonnets are starting to make their presence known and the tourists are making their plans to come to the Hill Country in the next few weeks, so be aware and keep your eyes out for those who do not always act just as we expect.  The visitors to the Hill Country are always welcome and provide some extra boost to the towns, and we need to appreciate their presence and make them feel at home.

      The City crews have remained very busy for the past several weeks as we prepare to deal with the many extra chores of the spring.  In the City office we have also been particularly busy as we have dealt with replacing a number of older computers and then immediately updating the accounting and utility billing system that keeps everything in order.  Of course there are always some extra challenges when you make changes, such as the cash register and printer not being compatible with the new upgrades in our case, but those issues are being dealt with and we hope that the problems did not cause any great difficulty for most of you.  The other significant job around the office for the past several days has been to prepare for the next City Commission meeting, which will be next Monday, March 20 at 5:30pm at the Eckert Civic Center.  It is a fairly long agenda with a number of items that are relatively regular business items for this time of year.  We will be approving three different items relative to the upcoming election for City and School Board positions.  The one that will particularly affect most of our residents is the change of Election Day voting location from the City office as previously to the Eckert Civic Center.  The City office has proved to be crowded and somewhat confusing in the past and this change will provide much more room and a greater awareness of the specific voting for individual races.

      Some of the other items on the upcoming agenda will provide for a decision and adoption of a municipal Bank Depository, Investment Policy and Quarterly Investment Report.  Each of these is a normal issue that needs to be reviewed and approved on a regular schedule, but some of the other issues are single time considerations.  We have a request in conjunction with County officials to approve a Hazard Mitigation Plan that will provide for the possible involvement of FEMA if there is a significant disaster in our local area.  We also have a request for an appeal to the regulations of the Subdivision Ordinance which is an approved process when some of the specific requirements do not fit a specific situation reasonably.  In another agenda item, there is a request to consider an additional step in the process if there is a plan for multi-family residential development in the area just beyond the City limits.   Also `we are asking the City Commission to review and add input as we consider what steps to take in replacing or changing the entrance to the Ft Mason Park which was damaged a couple of months ago.  A final item is to amend the Plumbing Ordinance to incorporate wording prohibiting piping in situations where people drink or cook with water, to regulate the factors that might lead to a concentration of lead.  This has been discussed and approved by regulators for several years, but came to most people’s awareness because of the water problems in Flint, Michigan.  There were several factors in that specific situation, and there is virtually no chance that we will have the same problems here in Mason with the current testing and monitoring, however the regulators want to see some changes in the local regulations that will reduce further the possibility of lead in drinking water for everyone. 

      As you can see there are a number of different issues that the City Commission must deal with this month, and this is not a particularly difficult set compared to other months.  It is a challenging job to look at all of the concerns that the City faces and make wise decisions, and often citizens begin to think that it is just a quick and sometimes random choice that rules our town.  Furthermore, this list does not even touch on some of the long-term challenges that are being considered and dealt with as we also work through the shorter term issues I have listed.  We are spending time and effort dealing with the permitting of the new landfill space that will provide a positive impact for generations to come, and there is ongoing discussions regarding the issues and possible solutions to the radionuclides in our water supply and how we will treat the water and provide clean drinking water to everyone in a sufficient quantity for the present and future residents of Mason.   Maintaining and providing a positive improvement in our community is a challenging task, and I thank all of the individuals who have provided assistance in the past and the present.  We are always open and ready to hear your ideas and suggestions, but as you can see there are many issues facing us and sometimes the specific ones that you see may take a little longer to be handled and dealt with.  Mason is a great hometown, and we will continue to work together to make it better for now and for the future.

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